Lecture 7: Did An Asteroid Kill off the Dinosaurs?

See Chapter 5, Section 5 in the textbook

Impact Theory (movie)

What is it?

Why an impact?

Impact candidates

To learn more about meteorites in Arizona, click here.

What are the results of a giant impact?

Terrible Destruction

Short-term environmental effects (courtesy of D. Kring, University of Arizona)

LOOK HERE TO SEE A "CARTOON" of how bad it could be for today's Earth if an object ~50x bigger!! (500 km) than the KT impactor smashed into Earth

To read some more about the dinos, check out the Hand-Outs and Reference Materials page.

To read some more about mass extinctions, the asteroid impact theory, and alternative theories, click here, here or here.

To read more about current issues and controversies in the field of dino death, click here.

If you want to see how nasty the fighting over this topic can get, click here.

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